Not only are we SEO Experts (humbly speaking) but we also belong to a mastermind team of the best SEO consultants on planet earth. We have meetings about what is working, strategy, and what to keep away from. Therefore, we stay on top of our industry to benefit your businesses website.

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JonnyBoost is the premier SEO company serving the SF-Bay Area, Australia, and Los Angeles, CA. JonnyBoost Marketing was founded by Jonny Crosthwaite with the focus of bringing more customers to local businesses that deserve to be known. They specialize in search engine optimization and are a part of mastermind groups which include the best SEO experts in the world. They meet regularly to discuss what is working and what to move away from. This way you get the firsthand expertise from the world’s best integrated into your website. Our Chief Aim is to connect local businesses with valuable services and products to the more customers. We specialize in getting your website ranked on the first pages of Google, to ultimately bring more traffic, awareness, and customers to your company. linked in recommendation  

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What is SEO and why do I need it?

The Relationship Between Search Engine Optimization And Marketing

Although you may not realize it, search engine optimization and marketing are deeply interconnected. You can use various marketing activities and tactics for discovering the most lucrative keywords in your niche or industry. Once you manage to determine these highly converting keywords, you can go ahead and optimize your web pages for them.

You may also use the keyword research tools available today, but neither of them is as accurate as your own data. These tools provide only estimations of the traffic volume and of the competitiveness of various keywords, so they are useful only up to a point. From this point on, you need to rely on your internal research and on your own tracking capabilities. Such details can make the difference between winners and losers in most markets. This is why, if you want your SEO efforts to bring you the most bang for the buck, you have to use search engine marketing in your keyword research and testing. If you play it by ear, you risk to invest a lot of money and efforts into keywords with low search volumes or poor conversion rates. By the time you realize this, you’ve already spent too much. The only method for cutting this waste is by implementing a solid and detailed tracking system to allow you know the performance of each keyword at any given time.

When hiring a Walnut Creek SEO Expert you want the one the will provide the best SEO Services. The other reason for investing in marketing in order to benefit in your activity is that search engine algorithms take into consideration multiple factors such as social media activity, links, and citations from other websites. The more you manage to make others talk about you, the better your SEO results. After all, buying links is forbidden by Google, so you have to be creative and find the best methods to make people link to you and mention you on their web pages. Marketing can help you increase the number of inbound links, with a direct effect on your search rankings.

It’s worth mentioning here that you can organize SEM campaigns with the sole purpose of identifying great keywords to optimize your pages for. When you bid on search keywords, you can use tracking pixels that enable you to know exactly what conversion rate each of your search terms has. If you don’t know how to implement this kind of tracking, you should pay an agency to do it for you, as this is an invaluable marketing tool that can help you use your budgets in a more effective manner. These tracking pixels will give you all the information you need for finding those keywords worth investing in. If there are more people who become your customers after finding you in search for certain keywords, you can always add these keywords on your SEO to-do list. As search engine optimization is an ongoing process, you have to monitor your performance and see how well your keywords perform. If you rank first for a keyword, but you barely see any traffic or conversions, you may want to invest less in strengthening your position for that keyword and focus your efforts elsewhere. If, on the contrary, you notice a lot of traffic and a good conversion rate for keywords you don’t rank exceptionally well, you can be sure you’ve discovered real gems, worth exploiting as much as you can. If ranking on page two can bring you such good results, you can easily imagine how lucrative that keyword is and how much you could possibly earn if you ranked among the top three in Google.


This way of thinking can help you become an authority in your industry, thus strengthening your position on the market even further. The better you become, the easier is going to be for you to grow and develop, as authority websites can easily rank for new keywords while new sites have to wait for a long time until seeing the same level of results.

This is how consulting with a Los Angeles SEO Expert can help your efforts in a nutshell. SEO services should go hand in hand as this is the fastest way to grow your business and your profits. The better your conversion rate, the more resources you can free up for investing into bigger and more daring marketing activities and strategies. You have to keep in mind that organic traffic is your best bet, as these people are your best potential customers. They already have a need your company can fulfill, and they are actively searching for solutions. By capturing these leads at the right moment, you can increase your chances to turn them into customers. Nonetheless, you should be aware that you have to offer high-quality products or services, otherwise, these people are going to become angry customers who can hurt your business quite badly.